Information about order and shipping due to Covid-19 (Updated on 2020-05-15)

NipponShop is open as usual and the supply of products is also secured. Unfortunately there are severe interruptions in international shipping so that the Japanese Post had to temporary suspended shipping to more than 160 countries. This means that we currently can only serve the following countries:

  • Germany
  • Singapore
  • South Korea
  • United Kingdom

However, we are optimistic about the future and are waiting impatiently to serve all countries again and to be able to supply our customers all over the world with Japanese products.

Possibility of delays

Due to the reduced flights between the countries, shipping may take longer than usual, which is beyond our control.Unfortunately we do not have any control about.

Phone number

In some countries postal procedures have changed and delivery is more complicated and time intensive for the delivery staff. Therefore we recommend to fill in your phone number during checkout so that the local post office or delivery staff can contact you if needed.