Unko Kanji Drill

Learning Kanji with Prof. Poop.

Every sentence includes the word poop!

Kanji Drills are very popular for Japanese preschoolers so that the can remember the Kanji characters better, but also very useful for foreigners to learn.

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In 2017 a new Kanji Drill with the name "Unko Kanji Drill" was published where all sentences includes the word poop (yes, really every sentence includes the word poop).
Unko is the Japanese word for poop and kids like that word so you can guess that "Unko Kanji Drill" is now the most popular book for learning Knaji.

Available in 6 stages. (Size B5)

  • Elementary 1st Grade Kanji (with 84 pages)
  • Elementary 2nd Grade Kanji (with 86 pages)
  • Elementary 3rd Grade Kanji (with 106 pages)
  • Elementary 4th Grade Kanji (with 106 pages)
  • Elementary 5th Grade Kanji (with 100 pages)
  • Elementary 6th Grade Kanji (with 98 pages)

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