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Yakibuta Umashio Chahan

Seasoning mix for Yakibuta Umashio Chahan (fried rice with pork and fine salt flavour).

2 Servings, single packed.

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Seasoning mix for delicious Yakibuta Chahan, fried rice with pork and fine salt flavour. You only need a bit salad oil, an egg and cooked rice. Everything else is already included in the mix.

A delicious meal made in 3 minutes.

Preparation for 1 serving:

  1. Heat up a spoon of salad oil in a pan on middle heat and add an egg if you like.
  2. Put 250g cooked rice into the pan and fry it on middle heat.
  3. Turn down to low heat and add the content of the bag with the Kanji 具 (It's the one with a powder in it). Stir well.
  4. Now add the content of the bag where is written たれ (It's the one with a liquid in it). Stir well again and your a finished.

Content: For 2 Servings

Attention: There are 4 bags in total. 2 bags of 具 with powder and 2 bags of  たれ with a sauce in it. You will need one bag of the powder and one bag of the sauce for each serving.

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