• $27.16 $31.04 In stock

    With these genius cookie cutters you can make a cookie puzzle of Japan. The cutter have the shapes of all 47 prefectures plus some major islands.To...

    $27.16 $31.04
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  • $8.15 $27.16 -70% In Stock

    Calendar with great pictures of various Japanese Limited Express trains including the new "Train Suite Shikishima". As a special freebie the...

    $8.15 $27.16 -70%
    Reduced price!
  • $8.15 $27.16 -70% In Stock

    BIG Pokemon poster calendar. Each poster sized page has a great design and includes a two-month calendar so that you will have 6 different designs...

    $8.15 $27.16 -70%
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  • $4.21 $6.01 -30% In Stock

    The unique summer style cookies! Crispy chocolate chip cookies with a fresh watermelon flavour. But only during summer time! Content: 15 crispy...

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  • $2.24 $3.20 -30% In stock

    Great dark chocolate with a fresh mint filling. DARS is a great line up of chocolates from Morinaga. You will love the high quality of fine melting...

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    Reduced price!
  • $1.75 $4.37 -60% In stock

    Cookie snack in mushroom shape. The trunk is made of crispy biscuit and the hood consists of a deep espresso coffee flavoured chocolate. Great to a...

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  • $1.46 $4.85 -70% In Stock

    This useful calendar has a cute Hello Kitty drawing on each page and besides space for daily notes there is also space for monthly things. Size:...

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  • $1.46 $2.91 -50% In Stock

    Great decoration with Hello Kitty with soft ice cream and the writing "Soft Cream". Flag or decoration for shops our your home with Hello Kitty...

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