Terms & Conditions

Order and products

  • All products ordered on www.nipponshop.net will be shipped direct from Japan.
  • All products sold are purchased directly in Japan and are only for personal use and not for resale.
  • All products sold on www.nipponshop.net are produced for the Japanese market and are only labelled in Japanese.
    (Note that you order on your own risk as all labellings are only in Japanese language. If you have any food allergies or concerns about the ingredients refrain from ordering!)
  • NipponShop tries to ship food with the longest possible shelf life, but food stuff has a limited shelf life. It might happen that the expiry date is short when the goods arrive.
  • NipponShop does usually only ship food that has a shelf life of at least one month at the time of handing over the parcel to the postal service, but in rare cases it may happen that the shelf life is shorter, esp. when it comes to "fresh" products like cake or some traditional sweets, for example.
  • Claims of any kind have to be made immediately on the same day or the day after the parcel has arrived.
  • NipponShop cannot accept claims regarding expired shelf life or claims for damaged products caused by circumstances that can not be influenced by NipponShop such as delays in delivery, heat damage (e.g. melted chocolate), burst chips packages (might happen due to differences in air pressure during the flight), etc.
  • NipponShop reserves the right to split orders into multiple shipping or combines multiple orders into one shipping.


  • All our prices are in JPY and do not include any taxes or duties of the customers country.
  • Prices displayed in other currencies are only for information and will be recalculated periodically based on the exchange rate.

Pictures of Products

  • Japanese manufacturers change product designs according to seasons or other events so there is a possibility that the product you receive looks different from the picture displayed. The content of the product will, of course, not change.


  • All parcels will be shipped direct from Japan.
  • All parcels will be sent by air mail.
  • Optional services like tracking or insurance (JP Post +) are available, depending on the destination country.
  • All mentioned times about duration of shipping are without any guarantee.
    (We have no influence on delivery companies or import customs of the customers country.)
  • In case of lost parcels, a refund or reshipping is only possible when chosen "JP Post +" as carrier.
  • If a parcel returns due to unsuccessful delivery or any other reason, not caused by NipponShop, the actual cost of re-delivery will be charged to the customer. The amount charged to the customer is the amount that NipponShop is charged by the Japanese Post. NipponShop does not charge any additional fees for packaging, payment processing, etc. in case of re-delivery.
    Parcels for which no re-delivery is arranged will be discarded 1 month after they returned. Please note that there will be no refund if you do not want to arrange a re-delivery.
    (The shipping cost is depending on the weight of the parcel and can be looked up on the website of the Japanese Post: HERE)

Optional Parcel Insurance

  • The insurance included in the optional shipping method "JP Post +" replaces the contents of a package if it is lost.
  • In order to make a claim for compensation, the loss must be officially confirmed by the Japanese Post. No replacement can take place without this confirmation.
  • NipponShop will instruct the Japanese Post Office to process the loss confirmation after NipponShop has been informed by the customer about the loss of the package.
  • The Japanese post office may take up to 3 months to process the loss confirmation, depending on the country which the package was originally sent to.
  • The replacement is limited to the content of the lost package. Claims for compensation exeeding this are not possible.
    (If an order has been split into several packages, only the contents of the lost package will be replaced, not the entire order.)

Returns and Cancellations

  • NipponShop does not accept returns or cancellations.
    All orders are final.

Limitation of Liability

  • NipponShop and its staff is not liable for any direct or indirect damages occurring due to mistakes on the website or injuries or damages caused from the products sent to the customer.
    (The customer orders on his own risk and understands that all labels and information that come with the products are only in Japanese language.)
  • NipponShop will not take over any liability or compensation because of late delivery, import problems or any other reason.

Jurisdiction and applicable law

  • By accessing this website, you agree that the laws of Japan shall apply to all matters arising from or relating to the use and contents of this website.
  • You also agree that the place for any legal action is set to the sellers place of business which is the City of Nagaoka in Niigata Prefecture, Japan.