Terms of use

§1 Range of validity
The terms of use are valid for all orders and interactions on www.NipponShop.net

§2 Order, Products, Design
2.1 All orders on www.nipponshop.net will be handled by Big Bridge Trading in Japan.
2.2 All products and items sold by Big Bridge Trading are produced for the Japanese market and usually will not have any description or ingredients list in another language than Japanese.
If you need a description or ingredients list in English or German please contact us before placing your order. We will provide you with the neccessary documents if possible.
2.3 The pictures on our website are just for reference. In Japan it is very common that the packaging changes very often depending on season or other reasons. Therefore we cannot guarantee that stuff you ordered will have 100% same packaging than shown on our website. Of course the content is the same, just the design of the package may be different.

§3 Prices
Our prices are in JPY and do not include any taxes or duties of the customers country.

§4 Import, customs, taxes and duties
4.1 It is the responsibility of the customer for determining the import rules and restrictions of his country.
4.2 It is the responsibility of the customer to pay any taxes and duties that may be incurred during the customs inspection or importing process in the customers country. Big Bridge Trading does not collect any taxes or duties on products which are sold to be shipped outside of Japan.

§5 Shipping and delivery
5.1 The shipment will be arranged by using the Japan Post Service.
5.2 All shipments will be sent by registered mail.
5.3 If you wish to insure your shipment please contact before your order by mail under office(at)nipponshop.net to clarify the possibility and price of insurance.
5.4 All given times about the duration of the delivery are without any guarantee. We have no influence on the delivery companies or import customs.
5.5 If a shipment returns due to unseccessful delivery because of any reason not caused by Big Bridge Trading the actual cost of re-delivery will be charged to the customer. 

§6 Liability and compensation
6.1 Big Bridge Trading will not take over any liability or compensation because of any reason. Especially we will not take over any liability for late delivery, loss or damage, cost of import, etc.
6.2 Big Bridge Trading will not take over any liability or compensation because of problems by importing the shipment.
The customer is alone responsible for respecting the import rules and regulations of his country.

§7 Terms of payment
7.1 We accept payments with PayPal and .
7.2 The payment has to be settled before shipping.

§8 Contract Language
The primary contract language is Japanese. In case of non Japanese speaking people we try to offer German or English as secondary language. Please note that in case of any legal process, Japanese is the only accepted language.

§9 Right to withdraw
9.1 The customer has the right to withdraw from the order.
9.2 To withdraw from the order, the costumer has to inform Big Bridge Trading as soon as possible by mail under office(at)nipponshop.net.
9.3 Big Bridge Trading will reserve the right to charge any damage incurred to the customer and reduce it from the recoverable sum.

§10 Return policy
10.1 Any return has to be discussed between Big Bridge Trading and the customer before returning the goods.
10.2 Any kind of food, personalized items, special purchases or services cannot be returned.
10.3 If the reason of the return is not in the responsibility of Big Bridge Trading, the cost of return has to be covered by the customer.
10.4 Returns which are insufficiently franked will not be accepted.
10.5 If the reason of the return is the responsibility of Big Bridge Trading (e.g. Big Bridge Trading sent a wrong item), the cost of return will be paid by Big Bridge Trading.
10.6 The amount of repayment will be clarified in written form before returning. However, the amount of repayment is subject to an inspection of the returned goods for any impairment.
10.7 Clothes which are offered at Big Bridge Trading are produced for the Japanese market. Please note that the Japanese sizes may differ comparing to sizes in your country. We will help you to find your size but we cannot accept any claims or returns because of size.

§11 Copyright
11.1 All page content, photos and illustrations are Copyrighted.
11.2 Some product images are the property of their respective copyright holders.
11.3 Trademarks and copyrights are property of their respective owners.

Terms of use - January 2017