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Currently we are noticing a delay for shipments with destination Israel.

Archive 2023

Change of shipping rates

Japan Post has recalculated and adjusted the prices for international shipping as of 1 October 2023. This recalculation means a significant price increase for shipments to Europe, Oceania and Canada. Furthermore, the USA will be allocated to a separate shipping zone from 1 October 2023 and Japan Post has drastically increased the prices for shipments to this zone. Moreover, due to the ongoing difficult situation caused by limited freight capacity and other disruptions in international shipping, some of Japan Post's services have been changed or cancelled altogether. The most affected services have been the inexpensive shipping services.

As we have done in recent years, we have tried to absorb the price increases and changes in Japan Post's services and not pass them on to our customers. However, as this time's price increases and changes by Japan Post have been significantly larger than in previous years, we have unfortunately also had to recalculate our shipping rates this time.

We would like to apologise to our customers for the adjustment of the shipping prices in our shop and hope that the price increase will be at a moderate level due to the weak yen.

Possibility of delays

Due to the reduced flights between Japan and other countries, shipping may take longer than usual. As we do not have any control about this issue we appreciate your patience in case of longer transit times.

Phone number

In some countries postal procedures have changed and delivery is more complicated and time intensive for the delivery staff. Therefore we recommend to fill in your phone number during checkout so that the local post office or delivery staff can contact you if needed.