Japan Shopping Service

With our Japan Shopping Service (short JSS) you can easily order almost any goods directly from Japan and furthermore you can do it in English so that you don't have to worry about the Japanese language.

How does it work?

Very easy. You simply choose, depending on the product you are looking for, or the information you have, between or regular "JSS" or the extended "JSS PLUS" and let us know what you are looking for. If the product is available and also mailable, we will give you a quote as soon as possible.

What does it cost?

The price offer is usually free of charge if it is about sweets, snacks or food. In case of merchandise or other things it is free of charge if you provide us a direct link to the product at a shop where we can buy it for you.
In all other cases, where we have to research about the requested item, you need to use the paid service "JSS PLUS" where a service charge of JPY 1.000 will apply for our research.

The quoted price for the product you are looking for will be calculated as follows:

  • Sales price of the product
  • National shipping cost (if applies)
  • Shipping cost to your country based on weight of product and packaging for shipping overseas
  • A commission of  10 to 20 percent (min. JPY 1,500)

What can be bought and sent?

Besides some exceptions (e.g. pornography), almost everything that is sold in Japan can be organized and sent to you. However there are some limitations of sending goods by postal service such as:

  • Items with batteries*
  • Alcoholic drinks or any liquid with more than Vol.24%
  • Cosmetics
  • etc.

A detailed list with items that can't be sent by postal service is available on the website of the Japanese Post: Nonmailable Items

*In some cases it is possible to send items with batteries if they match the requirements of the postal service. However, even if the item fulfill the conditions for sending by mail it depends on the destination country if they accept such items or not. An information sheet with closer details as well as as list of countries that accept sending items containing batteries can be found on the website of the Japanese Post: Sending Batteries


The easiest and fastest way to get a quote is our regular JSS. This service is available if your request meets one of the following cases:

  • Request of sweets, snacks or other food (incl. drinks)


  • You want something from Japan, have a link to a shop where the product is sold and you need our service to buy it there on your behalf.
    (Note: We cannot buy on auction websites such as Yahoo Auctions, etc. nor on second hand websites such as Mercari or similar)

To use our regular JSS, please use the enquiry form at the end of this page.

(Please note that, for requests that do not match with one of the previous mentioned cases, the use of the paid service "JSS PLUS" is mandatory for making a quotation and we cannot make a quotation for free.)


The paid service JSS PLUS is suitable for all enquiries that are none food items and when there is no link to a shop.

For example, if you only have the name of a product, or a picture of it and you don't know where to buy it, we will search and try to find the product for you.

Simply click on JSS PLUS and input all information you have about the product you are looking for. We will try to find the product and if we find it and it is mailable, we will give you a quote for it.



Regular JSS enquiry form

Please input the product name and or product number.

Type in the name of the group, band, singer, etc.

If known, fill in the name of the manufacturer.

If known, fill in the name of the manufacturer.

Direct link to the product at an online shop or manufacturer's website

Type in the requested quantity.

If you have a picture of your requested item you can upload it here.

Only files types: png jpg pdf

Only files types: png jpg pdf

Only files types: png jpg pdf