KitKat Variety Party

23 delicious KitKat in 18 different flavours in one bag!

Japan is famous for its many varieties of KitKat flavours. Besides the always and everywhere available standard flavours there are many seasonal limited flavours as well as regional flavours that honour regional specialities or ingredients and are usually only available in that area.

With our KitKat Variety Party Bag, you can now easily get 23 delicious KitKat in 18 varieties to enjoy at once.

Content: 23 KitKat mini in 18 different flavours (for detailed content list see below)

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  • 1 x KitKat
  • 1 x KitKat Otona no Amasa
  • 1 x KitKat Otona no Amasa Koi Matcha
  • 1 x KitKat Zenryufun Biscuit in
  • 1 x KitKat Otona no Amasa Strawberry
  • 1 x KitKat Chocolate Orange
  • 1 x KitKat Milk Tea
  • 1 x KitKat Tamaruya Honten Wasabi
  • 1 x KitKat Shinsu Ringo
  • 1 x KitKat Amaou Ichigo
  • 1 x KitKat Tokyo Shima Lemon
  • 1 x KitKat Itohkyuemon Uji Matcha
  • 1 x KitKat Itohkyuemon Uji Hojicha
  • 1 x KitKat Strawberry Cheese Cake
  • 1 x KitKat Azuki Sand
  • 1 x KitKat Momiji Manju
  • 1 x KitKat Nihonshu Masuizumi
  • 1 x KitKat For Cafe
  • 5 x KitKat with flavours depending on stock


  • KitKat Nihonshu Masuizumi includes 0.4% alcohol and are not suitable for children or people who react sensible to alcohol.

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