Kids Helmet Shinkansen - Class 923 Dr. Yellow

SG approved helmet for bicycle and infant seat with Dr. Yellow Shinkansen design

360 degrees! The reflector on the helmet makes it reflective and safe for children on dark roads. The dial adjuster makes it easy to adjust the size according to the child's head circumference. By adopting a buckle on the chinstrap, it can be easily attached and detached with a single touch. Furthermore, the adoption of 3D pad allows size adjustment inside the helmet according to the child's growth and head. Adoption of "snug-fitting design" that fits children's heads perfectly

  • Head circumference: 53-56cm
  • Target age: 4 to 8 years
  • Dimensions: W210 x L260 x H160mm
  • Weight: 270g

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Reflective stickers for safety on night roads

The "Night Road Safety Reflective Sticker" is designed to show the presence of children to drivers on dark roads. The sticker reflects the lights of cars on dark evening and night roads to show the presence of children riding bicycles and protect them.

Easy Fit Dial

The "Easy Fit Dial" adjusts the helmet to the perfect size. The helmet can be easily adjusted to the perfect size by simply turning the dial, so that the helmet can be worn securely and safely.

With Optional Pads

Snug-fitting pad" for more comfortable wearing of a helmet. This pad allows you to customize the fit to fit each child's head. It reduces discomfort when wearing a helmet, and the child will wear it without hesitation.

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