Shinshu no Kaori - Wagashi Mix


Great Wagashi mix with lots of traditional sweets in 10 different Japanese styles or flavours with the scent of Shinshu area (today's Nagano prefecture)

What kind of Wagashi are in the package?

  • Umeyokan
  • Kuri Shigure
  • Hanashizuku
  • Yuzumika
  • Hanamochi
  • Hanagoyomi
  • Ropouyaki
  • Shioyokan
  • Tsubuan Dorayaki
  • Kudamono Gelee

In total 280g of great Japanese sweets

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Notice: Due to the nature of Japanese sweets the shelf life of this product is very short. Therefore we buy these product for every single order fresh at local stores to get the longest possible shelf life. Although we send the longest possible shelf life there might be the risk that, due to delays in transit, the product arrives and the shelf life's already expired. This cases are very rare but we ask you to take note that we cannot guarantee that the product will be delivered within the shelf life and we cannot accept any claims about it.

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