Hiragana Name Stamp Set


Create name stamps in Japanese Hiragana characters in any combination.

Since numbers, star and heart pattern as well es Japanese Kanji characters for "Year", "Group" and "No." are included, the stamp set can be used in a wide range from simply naming things to creating message cards or other decorative items.

Content: 96 stamp pads and 6 stamp pad holders

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What stamp pads are included?

In total there are 96 stamp pads in the size of 7x7mm
It includes a full set of the 46 basic Hiragana characters, 25 Hiragana with diacritics, 9 smaller Hiragana characters to write digraphs, a hyphen, the Kanji 年, 組, 番, the numbers from 0 to 9, a heart and a star.

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