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Tabisuru Jikan Tea Set

The "Tabisuru Jikan" Japanese travel series packs the unique charm of Japan into tea. Please enjoy your tea time as if you are traveling all over Japan.

  • Hokkaido Corn Tea
  • Tokyo Black Tea
  • Kyoto Sakura Green Tea
  • Okinawa Lemongrass Herb Tea

Content: 5 teabags each flavour

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Hokkaido Corn Tea

The northern lands are full of charm, with dynamic scaled scenery and fresh seafood. The land spreading out on gentle hills and the endless beautiful blue sky. Enjoy the corn tea grown in magnificent Hokkaido, which has a refreshing taste with a hint of sweetness.

Tokyo Black Tea

Tokyo is a sparkling city where modern and traditional things are mixed together, from shiny skyscrapers to traditional downtown spots. Please enjoy this Japanese black tea with a hint of sweetness, made from tea leaves grown in the tea plantations of Tokyo.

Kyoto Sakura Green Tea

Kyoto Prefecture is the ancient capital of Japan, full of splendor and history. Kyoto is rich in natural beauty of the four seasons, and its traditional buildings and elegant cityscapes offer an awesome experience. Enjoy Uji matcha and green tea with the elegant aroma of cherry blossoms, inspired by the gorgeous and charming Gion atmosphere of Kyoto Prefecture.

Okinawa Lemongrass Herb Tea

Okinawa, with its blue ocean, white sandy beaches, and rich nature. The coral and breathtakingly beautiful scenery spread out all over the island, and you can almost hear the soothing sound of the Shamisen (Okinawan guitar). Enjoy a relaxing and refreshing day with a cup of lemongrass tea grown in the sun of Okinawa, a prefecture overflowing with power.

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