Miso Soup Tour of the Regions of Japan

With 50 different ingredients and 5 types of miso, you can enjoy 10 different miso soups which makes you feel like you're travelling through Japan!
The packaging features cute designs of local specialities or famous things from all over the country.

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Miso Soup Tour of the Regions of Japan is a 10 flavour Miso Soup collection made up of five different types of miso blends and with 50 ingredients.

10 different flavours (6 servings each)

  • Wakame (Kelp, Seaweed)
  • Aburaage (fried Tofu)
  • Tofu
  • Negi (Spring Onion)
  • Okura (Okra)
  • Aosa (Ulva, also known as Sea Lettuce)
  • Hakkusai (Chinese Cabbage)
  • Kakitama (Egg)
  • Chingensai (Bok Choy or Pak Choi)
  • Hourenso (Spinach)

Miso Soup Tour of the Regions of Japan features following Miso styles

  • Sendai Miso, characterized by its rich aroma and flavor.
  • Kaga Miso, with a mellow aroma and elegant sweetness.
  • Shinshu Miso, with a refreshing aroma and clean aftertaste.
  • Sanshu Miso, with a rich flavor and moderate acidity.
  • Kyushu Mugi Miso, a miso with a mellow sweetness derived from barley

The many combinations of miso and ingredients allow you to enjoy a different miso soup every day without getting tired of it. The package features a cute designs local specialties and famous things from various regions of Japan, making this a product that is both heartwarming to eat and to look at and the generous 60-serving package is also perfect for sharing with family, friends or at work.

How to prepare:

Put the contents of the "Seasoning Miso" and ingredient bag into a bowl.
Pour over boiling water (about 160ml) and stir well.
Adjust the amount of hot water according to your taste.

Please handle boiling water with care.
Please use up the opened package at once.
The color of the miso may turn reddish during storage, but this does not affect its quality.

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