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Soft and glutinous red rice with azuki beans. Only domestic glutinous rice is used. Please sprinkle salt on the rice before serving. It comes with a spoon, so it can be served anywhere.

The finished product is 210 g, which is equivalent to a rice bowl, and is recommended not only for emergency preparedness, but also as an accompaniment when outdoors, in the car, at the office or just anywhere you want.

Easy to prepare anywhere! Just some water needed.

Content: 100g (210g prepared)

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How to prepare:

  • Open the package and take out spoon and all pouches.
  • Fill in 160ml of water (either hot or cold)
  • Close the package and let it "cook" for 15 minutes (when using hot water) or 60 minutes (when using cold water of about 15°C)

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