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Chūkadon - Gomoku Chūka Ankake

Delicious Chukadon, prepared in seconds.

Due to the special freeze-dry process, this "Gomoku Chūka Ankake" taste as good as fresh cooked and furthermore it also looks like fresh cooked because the ingredients will return to their original colour and shape when prepared.

Freeze-dried products are perfect to stock because of a long shelf life and also great to take along to work or other places outside as it is easy to prepare.

Content: 1 package of Gomoku Chūka Ankake, suitable for 1 Chukadon (Rice not included)

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How to prepare: Put the content of the package in a bowl and pour over 80ml of hot water. Stir well for 30 seconds and you can give it over the rice (not included!). That"s all you need to do to get a delicious Chukadon.

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