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Maru Tsubu Mugicha - Japanese roasted barley tea

Mugicha, the Japanese roasted barley tea is, cold served, a perfect summer drink without sugar!

In Japan cold tea is served in summer. Not like the Ice tea we know with sugar, no, real tea which is made cold.
One of these cold teas is called Mugicha. A roasted barley tea which is quite unique in taste.

Here we have the premium style which consists of whole barley so you get the best possible taste.

Content: 12 bags (each bag with 30g barley)

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Bring 1.2 litre of water to boil and put a bag of barley into the boiling water. Brew for 3 to 5 minutes and then stop the heat. Put the kettle aside an leave it for about an hour before removing the tea bag.
Let it cool down to the temperature you prefer and enjoy a great Japanese summer drink.


Just put a bag in a big teapot and pour over hot water (95°C). Brew for a short time before serving.

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