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Decaff Marron Tea

Decaffeinated black tea with a slightly sweet, warming, autumn/winter taste with aromas like marron glace and Mont Blanc.

Even with 0.00g caffeine*, the "Easy Decaffeination Black Tea" series focuses on taste and aroma. Aroma of mellow marron and mild taste. The rich marron aroma goes well with milk for a creamy taste. Recommended for those who want to enjoy their tea time at night without worrying about caffeine, as well as for women and children who do not like caffeine.

Decaffeinated means that the caffeine has been removed as much as possible from the tea leaves that contain caffeine. The "Gentle Decaf" series uses a method called "supercritical carbon dioxide extraction" to remove caffeine.

Content: 10 teabags

*The caffeine content of 0.00g is the value per 100ml of extract.

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