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Nippon Yell - Wildgrape Gummy

Iwate Grapes Gummi

These gummies are made from the juice of mountain grapes grown in Iwate Prefecture. The deep flavor and soft acidity of fully ripe mountain grapes spread out.

Content: 40g

The Nippon Yell lineup expresses the love for the many foods produced in Japan and the gratitude to the people who are behind those food.

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Mountain grapes grown in Iwate Prefecture

The "mountain grape" used as ingredients is a Japanese variety born in the Japanese climate and mentioned in the ancient book "Kojiki (Records of Ancient Matters). Compared to other grape varieties, each grape is very small, and only a small amount of juice can be extracted from each grape. The juice is vacuum-aged for three years, and the tartaric acid, which is the source of the harsh taste, is naturally precipitated out and only the finest juice is used to express the juicy and refreshing taste.

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