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Tsubame-Sanjo Seabura Ramen

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The taste of Tsubame-Sanjo at home!

Tsubame Sanjo-style back-fat ramen, originated in Tsubame City which is located roughly in the centre of Niigata Prefecture are famous all over Japan. They are so famous that Taxi companies in Sanjo City operate the Tsubame Seabura Ramen Taxi Service, in which a chartered driver takes you to recommended shops, a service that ramen fans love.

Extra-thick noodles that do not stretch easily and large amounts of pork back fat are characteristic for this ramen and it has become Niigata's representative local ramen due to its delicious taste.

Content: 302g (3 x 80g dried Ramen noodles and Ramen soup)

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How to prepare

  1. Cook the noodles in 1 litre water
  2. Put the soup base in a bowl and poor over 200ml of hot water, stir well
  3. Add the noodles to the soup and serve with toppings to your taste

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